AMSKY seeks sand type inkjet 3D printing Global Partners Wanted

sand type inkjet 3D printer

sand type inkjet 3D printer Global Partners Wanted

AMSKY is one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers in China and has successfully launched a series of leading 3D printers. The newly launched S1800 sand mold 3D printer uses the most advanced inkjet technology to easily and efficiently create complex molds.


sand type inkjet 3D printing Global Partners Wanted


In addition, AMSKY is seeking more sand type inkjet 3D printing Global Partners Wanted. By joining this agency project, you can get more benefits and you can apply sand mold 3D printing to more industries. During the cooperation process, AMSKY will provide partners with global sales and technical support to enable them to obtain better shipments and profits, while also promoting the company's own steady development and innovation.


The application of sand type inkjet 3D printer has been continuously developed and applied in many fields. For example, fields such as automotive parts, industrial machinery, and construction all require the use of casting molds to manufacture parts. AMSKY's sand inkjet 3D printing technology can be used to mass produce complex casting molds, providing a very convenient solution for the production of mainstream industries.


In response to the needs of different industries, after the initial installation and training, AMSKY will provide its partners with technical support and operational training for each application scenario, so that partners can quickly get started and start production.


As a Global Partner, you need to provide an environment suitable for production and purchase AMSKY's sandblasting 3D printer for production. At the same time, you can also improve your partners' efficiency by providing sales support and marketing support, and bring more business opportunities to your company.


In short, AMSKY is now looking for partners around the world to join this global partners wanted project. If you would like to learn more about the applications of this technology and be part of its promotion, please contact us and be part of this exciting innovative development.