AMSKY: Sand Mold 3D Printer international famous brand

Sand Mold 3D Printer Internationally renowned 3D printing brand AMSKY

AMSKY is an international famous brand of 3D printing, dedicated to the research and development and manufacture of high-end 3D printing equipment, and its representative product S1800 Sand Mold 3D Printer is one of the advanced equipment that has attracted much attention in the industry. A compact sand mold 3D printer with small investment and high returns.


Sand Mold 3D Printer


The S1800 Sand Mold 3D Printer uses 3D printing nozzles with independent intellectual property rights for greater compatibility with a wider range of printing materials. The self-developed slicing software and 3D printing control software can perform all functions, including automatic slicing, printing data packet distribution, and host control. It supports touchscreen and one-key automatic operation, with strong maintenance and upgrade capabilities in the future.


This series of products is also equipped with an intelligent software system and a fully automated operation process, which can greatly simplify the operation process and improve production efficiency and production quality. At the same time, AMSKY also provides customers with comprehensive pre-sales consultation, in-sales training and after-sales service to ensure that customers can make full use of and maintain the equipment and maximize production efficiency.


In addition, S1800 Sand Mold 3D Printer has a wide range of applications and can be used in many fields such as automobiles, medical care, aerospace, and ships. In the automotive industry, S1800 Sand Mold 3D Printer can manufacture automotive engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft and other parts; in the medical field, it can manufacture customized prosthetics and tooth models; models and components.


In the future, AMSKY will continue to innovate and promote technology upgrades, and is committed to providing customers with better products and services, becoming one of the world's leading high quality 3D printing technology suppliers. At the same time, AMSKY also actively participates in international cooperation to strengthen the expansion of overseas markets and the promotion of brand influence.