AMSKY Sand Casting 3D Printer: Global Partners Wanted

Sand Casting 3D Printer Global Partners Wanted

AMSKY Sand Casting 3D Printer

AMSKY is a leading Sand Casting 3D Printer manufacturer, focusing on the research and development of sand casting 3D printing technology, and has made certain achievements in the international market. In order to further expand its business, AMSKY announced the recruitment of Global Partners to strengthen business expansion in overseas markets. This article will introduce AMSKY's sand mold 3D printing technology and products, and detail the significance and conditions of the company's recruitment of Global Partners.


AMSKY Sand Casting 3D Printer: global partners Wanted


Sand mold 3D printing technology is a new casting mold production method that converts CAD files into recognizable 3D printing files and transfers them to the required materials for printing. As a leader in sand mold 3D printing, AMSKY has achieved remarkable results in the development and application of this field.


At present, the sand mold 3D printer produced by AMSKY is widely used in aviation, electric power, automobile, mold and heavy industry and other fields. The company's flagship product, the S1800 series sand mold 3D printer, has been recognized by customers around the world for its high-efficiency, stable, and high-precision production capacity.


In order to further improve the company's competitiveness in overseas markets and expand its business, AMSKY announced the recruitment of Global Partners. As a trusted partner, you will get the rights and interests of AMSKY brand and products, as well as AMSKY's complete solutions and technical support.


AMSKY's Global Partners will cooperate with AMSKY in the following aspects:


1. Represent and sell AMSKY products in various countries and regions;


2. Promote AMSKY sand mold 3D printing technology to customers, and provide corresponding technical support and services;


3. Work closely with AMSKY to jointly develop the sand mold 3D printing market.


Global Partners who join AMSKY need to meet the following conditions:


1. Experience in selling 3D printers and related products in selected regions;


2. Have a good reputation and a stable business customer base in the field;


3. Possess rich professional capabilities in sales, technology and service.


AMSKY will provide partners with the following support:


1. Provide competitive price and quality products;


2. Provide comprehensive sales and technical support, including sales training, technical training and after-sales service;


3. Jointly develop markets and projects with partners, and partners enjoy strong brand and technical support.


As a leader in the 3D printing industry, AMSKY digitizes the casting mold production process by developing and applying sand mold 3D printing technology, which greatly improves production efficiency and quality. In order to expand business and further improve competitiveness in overseas markets, AMSKY announced the recruitment of Global Partners to provide better sales, technical and service support for customers in various countries and regions, and jointly develop the sand mold 3D printing market.