AMSKY sand casting 3D printer global 3D printing enterprise

sand casting 3D printer global 3D printing enterprise


3D printing technology is more and more widely used in the foundry industry, among which the emergence of sand printers has greatly improved the efficiency and precision of foundry technology. As a global 3D printing enterprise, AMSKY's application of sand mold 3D printers in the field of casting has also attracted increasing attention. This article will introduce the application of AMSKY printers in the global foundry industry and its advantages in sand printer technology.


S1800 sand casting 3D printer


1. The application of AMSKY printers in the global foundry industry


With the development of 3D printing technology, AMSKY printers have been widely used in the global foundry industry.


1). Vehicle Manufacturing


In the automobile manufacturing and aviation manufacturing industries, AMSKY printers have realized advanced parts production and rapid manufacturing through 3D digital printing technology. Because the parts printed by AMSKY printers have high precision, high complexity, strong hardness and high density, they are suitable for the manufacture of various porous and high wear-resistant parts.


2). Machinery Manufacturing


AMSKY 3D sand mold printers are also widely used in the field of foundry machinery manufacturing, which is superior to traditional casting methods in terms of production repeatability. At the same time, it can greatly shorten the casting cycle and the manufacturing cost of production.


3). Military equipment


AMSKY printers are widely used in military equipment and weapon manufacturing. The printed parts can be printed quickly, and have the characteristics of high precision and durability, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of military equipment and weapon manufacturing.


2. Advantages of AMSKY printers in the field of sand printing technology


As an advanced 3D printing manufacturer, the parts printed by AMSKY have high precision, smooth surface, and excellent forming speed, which overcomes some disadvantages of sand printing technology:


1). Strong certainty


When the AMSKY printer prints out parts, it can realize mass production while ensuring the consistency of accuracy and surface quality, so that mold manufacturing no longer depends on manual work.


2). High production efficiency


AMSKY printer realizes moldless casting, which improves production efficiency. By using the sand printer of the AMSKY printer, it can perfectly solve the whole process of casting production from design to production by directly printing the model.


3). High precision


AMSKY printers have extremely high precision when printing sand molds, and can accurately reproduce the details and shapes of products, making the manufactured parts more precise and continuously maintaining a certain degree of stability and accuracy.


In general, the application of AMSKY sand casting 3D printer in the global foundry industry has been widely promoted and used. It has high reliability, precision and efficiency, and has attracted more and more attention and attention from all walks of life. In the future development, AMSKY S1800 Sand Mold 3D Printers have broad market prospects and will create more new opportunities and values in the fields of casting manufacturing, design and processing. As an advanced global 3D printing enterprise, AMSKY has excellent algorithm technology and hardware equipment manufacturing capabilities, and continues to provide high-quality solutions and technical support for the development of the foundry industry.