AMSKY launches exquisite sand mold 3D casting mold, subverting the foundry industry


sand mold 3D casting mold

sand mold 3D casting mold foundry industry

AMSKY, the world's leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions, has brought a trend-setting new technology to the foundry industry-exquisite sand mold 3D casting mold through continuous innovation efforts. The introduction of this technology marks a new era in the foundry industry and is destined to bring great changes to the foundry process.


sand mold 3D casting mold


AMSKY's exquisite sand mold 3D casting mold adopts advanced 3D printing technology, which can quickly and accurately print out complex shapes of casting molds. This technology has clear advantages over traditional methods of casting molds. First of all, 3D printing technology has greatly improved the manufacturing efficiency of casting molds, shortened the production cycle, and allowed customers to obtain the required products faster. Secondly, the exquisite sand mold 3D casting mold can be highly customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and customers, and provides more possibilities for product design and innovation.


It uses 3D printing nozzles with independent intellectual property rights for greater compatibility with a wider range of printing materials. The self-developed slicing software and 3D printing control software can perform all functions, including automatic slicing, printing data packet distribution, and host control. It supports touchscreen and one-key automatic operation, with strong maintenance and upgrade capabilities in the future.


In addition, it has a small footprint, low requirements on site size and environment, and strong compatibility. AMSKY also provides free sample trial services, allowing customers to experience the advantages of this disruptive technology for themselves. AMSKY will continue to be committed to continuous innovation and improvement, provide more advanced and efficient manufacturing solutions for the global foundry industry, and jointly promote the development and progress of the industry.


AMSKY's exquisite sand mold 3D casting mold is a revolutionary breakthrough in the foundry industry, bringing more business opportunities and success to customers!