About us

AMSKY Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AMSKY. Stock code :300521) was founded in 2006 and officially listed on GEM in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016. AMSKY, as a new hi-tech enterprise who commits to the development and research of core technology for industrial printing, as well as the integration of multi-technology (including MEMS, high-power laser, precision manufacture and intelligent control), always sticks to subverting the traditional manufacturing industry with digital, intelligent and green printing technology, striving for returning to the nature and making the world better.
At present, AMSKY has grasped three core technologies namely laser technology, piezoelectric ink-jet printing technology, and precision motion control system, and has been awarded 9 patents for invention,106 patents for utility models, 1 Layout Design and 60 software copyrights.
With more than ten years of technology accumulation and development. AMSKY has become well-known enterprise in global CTP(Computer-to-Plate) industry. AMSKY products are available worldwide. In 3D printing area, our major machines are 3D sand mold printers.

MEMS Cleaning Room

Inkjet Print - head Cleaning Room


Establish PKU-AMSKY joint innovation lab of Intelligent equipment with PEKING University
Establish the doctor station with Zhejiang University
Cooperate with school of software of Beijing
Institute of Technology in the special R & D project Cooperate with Hebei University of Technology in 3D printing
Cooperate with Zhejiang University of Technology in 3D printing