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S1800 Product Features

A compact sand mold 3D printer with low investment and high return.

Printing size of S1800 is 1800×1000×730mm (L x W x H) which meets the most printing needs of sand casting mold.

Small footprint of S1800 requires little space and easy to install at any sites. No special environment requirement is needed. The mainframe size is 9000 × 1900 × 1930mm (L × W × H). The printing time for a full box is about 12 hours, and the standard dual job boxes allows 24-hour non-stop printing.

The patented 3D printing nozzle is compatible with a wide choice of printing materials. The self-developed slicing software and 3D printing control software can achieve all functions, including automatic slicing, printing data packet distribution, and host control. It supports touch screen and one-click automatic operation, and ensures easy maintenance and upgrade capabilities in the future.

Means lower nozzle cost and compatibility with more printing materials
In the process of 3D sand printing and ceramic printing, 3D printing nozzles are divided into types according to the type of printing media.
3D resin special nozzles are suitable for spraying Dry Furan, Phenolic and Epoxy Resins
lron-based material A
3D ceramic special nozzles are suitable for spraying water-based solutions
lron-based material B

S1800 sand mold 3D printer

casting 3D printing equipment

sand mold 3D printer

Large sand mold 3D printer


AMSKY Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AMSKY. Stock code :300521) was founded in 2006 and officially listed on GEM in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016. AMSKY, as a new hi-tech enterprise who commits to the development and research of core technology for industrial printing, as well as the integration of multi-technology (including MEMS, high-power laser, precision manufacture and intelligent control), always sticks to subverting the traditional manufacturing industry with digital, intelligent and green printing technology, striving for returning to the nature and making the world better.

At present, AMSKY has grasped three core technologies namely laser technology, piezoelectric ink-jet printing technology, and precision motion control system, and has been awarded 9 patents for invention,106 patents for utility models, 1 Layout Design and 60 software copyrights.

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If you are engaged in metal foundries, including sand mold design or equipment supplies, and are interested in the new 3D sand mold printer business, please contact us.


Applications of piezoelectric inkjet printing technology.
Wide applications, increasing demands
  • Prospect of industry application

    There are huge practical needs and development potential for the industrial inkjet printing equipment in China, but the industrial inkjet print head manufacturing technology is basically monopolized by foreign brands, which is not matched with the status of industrial ink-jet printing industry in China. This makes the industrial inkjet print heads always face the problem of import dependence, which seriously limits the development of China's industry inkjet printing industry. In recent years, a few domestic brand manufacturers represented by Amsky have been involved in the industrial inkjet print head industry after years of research and continuous accumulation, and hopefully break the pattern of long-term monopoly of foreign brands in this field. By then, "import substitution" effect of domestic brands of industrial ink jet print head products will gradually appears and has broad prospects.

  • Advertising- a continues upward trend on market size

    Advertising inkjet is one of the earliest industrial fields in inkjet printing technology. Compared with other fields, outdoor advertising does not require high printing accuracy and printing speed, so it use technology earlier. At present, the market for outdoor advertising printing is very mature, and market size continues to show an upward trend with the continuous improvement of global urbanization.

  • Digital Garment Printing -Major Potential Application Market for Inkjet Printing

    Digital garment printing is one of the very large traditional industries. The annual global printing volume exceeds 40 billion square meters, of which more than half of production is in Asia, and half of this half is distributed in China. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has the advantage of its small batch, low cost, short production cycle, high printing quality and low energy consumption. It is a potential main application field for inkjet printing.

  • Inkjet Tiles-Drive the Market Demands for Industrial Inkjet Print Heads

    Compared with the existing ceramic decoration methods, inkjet printing technology has great advantages: printing out the design patterns at 360dpi directly to achieve personalized solutions, hanging printing reduces the damage rate of billets, the convex surface print out living oil painting, imitation bark, imitation grain, high-grade stone. It has a good application prospects and huge potential business opportunities. Various advantages make the inkjet printing technology favored by consumers, which drives the market demands for industrial inkjet print head in China.

  • Printing Electronics-High-tech Applications

    Printing electronics is the application of inkjet printing technology in high-tech fields. It mainly uses inkjet printing technology to accurately print electronic materials。such as conductors, semiconductors, insulators, polymers, etc., to the desired locations, to make the high-tech products such as printing circuit boards, liquid crystal displays. RFID labels, photocells, etc,. In recent years, with the popularity of electronic products such as smart phones, LCD TVs, and tablet PCs, the potential of inkjet printing technology in the printed electronics field become considerable. (Specific applications: circuit boards, LCD panels)



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